The project extends a first floor two-bedroom victorian 'Ex-Warner' flat, in one of the areas of purpose built flats similar in style around Walthamstow, similar in type to a previous project. A roof extension converts and extends the roof with a dormer across most of the width, to create a double bedroom and spacious shower room in the newly added loft space. Additional spaces were exploited wherever possible to create recesses for storage and to add visual interest, and a rich materials palette was used throughout maximising the most of existing brickwork and timber floors to add warmth and texture to the spaces.

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The works also included alterations to the existing first floor to create a better-planned bathroom and kitchen, such as to allow critical adjustment to the bathroom layout to give this a greater feeling of space. The kitchen was relocated to the rear of the flat and ceiling removed, plus rooflight added, to make a dramatic vaulted space with additional light and options to ventilate in summer. The addition and alterations deliver a generously sized 3-bedroom flat for comfortable living but also entertaining, maximising period features while allowing the client to explore their own strong aesthetic sensibilities.

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